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Pure titanium plate, alloy plate, industrial titanium plate, titanium plate
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The Most Common Applications
Copy:Baoji Qicheng Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd. | Hits:3916 | Date:2014-1-8
    Chemical plants:
      Titanium is highly corrosion resistant. It is used in many types of chemical equipment. About 30% of titanium used domestically is for chemical plants.

    Seawater usage:
      Titanium is greatly used in nuclear and fossil power stations. It is used for the big heat exchanger, CONDENSOR, which cools the steam form the turbine with seawater which does not corrode so the wall thickness of the tube is as thin as 0.5 mm. Condensor tubes consume about 20% of domestic titanium consumption.

    Titanium in daily life:
      Recently, titanium is being used in many goods we use such as in sports, building material, medical applications and accessories. This amounts to about 30% of domestic consumption.

      In the USA, about 70% of titanium produced is used for aerospace parts. In China only 2-3% of the titanium is consumed for aerospace usage. Thus, there is a big difference of market structure between China and USA



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